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"Make $25.00 (55%) per sale from a site that converts really well & delivers high customer satisfaction...
How Much Will You Make
Absolute Certainty Betting System sells for $49.95 and you'll get 55% of that. So that's $25 in commissions (NET after all ClickBank deductions). My site converts at around 3% - 7% for general gambling/make money/betting traffic. And around 11% - 17% for targeted mailing list where the product is recommended to your list.

I've been with ClickBank since 2006 and have sold tens of thousands of copies already through their affiliate network. I do zero promotions from my end so that I don't end up competing with my hardworking affiliates for traffic. Some of my affiliates have been with me since day one and have made thousands from my site over the years. Some have made over ten thousand from just one email promotion to their list.

With my current relaunch, the site and product has been updated and refreshed while also delivering a much higher customer satisfaction rate. The site has been optimized to convert really well while almost eliminating refunds. My refund rate historically has been 5.5%. But I expect a much lower refund rate with this new rebranded site.

How to Join
You need to first join ClickBank through their registration page (opens another window). It takes only a minute and costs nothing. Once you've joined or if you already have a ClickBank nickname, you can very easily create your affiliate link using the quick method below.

Replace the xxxxx with your ClickBank nickname and use this link with all your promotions. Anyone who clicks on your affiliate link will end up at www.bettingscientist.com with your referral recorded by ClickBank. When they place an order, you'll get your commission. It's as easy as that. So get started right now!

Emails for Your List
Below are 3 well-crafted unique emails that you can confidently send to your list. Instead of the usual email style of "look, buy this new system"...these emails will be more informative to your user base.

Remember to replace the word "Name" with the name of the receiver and add your name at the end after the "Best regards" line. If your email program does not allow personalization then simply remove the "Name" placeholder. Also, don't forget to replace the affiliate link placeholder with your actual affiliate link.

1st Email - send out immediately

2nd Email - send out 2 days after the first email

3rd Email - send out 2 days after the second email

Please don't forget to add your actual affiliate link to the emails. I don't want you missing out on your commissions. Also remember that the sole aim of these emails is to get the person to my site. The site will do the rest of the conversion for you. So get started right now and start generating some serious cash from your list!

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